Charitable Cash Donations Are Tax-Deductible

The Fatima Project in Aberdeen, South Dakota, is currently seeking cash donations to assist us with the daily needs of our operation. We also invite you to volunteer your time and assist us in tying the mission chaplets and rosaries for give-away. 


We are accepting cash donations to help us meet our monthly commitments. Your generous donation will be used for mission materials, travel, giving talks, and funding our time in ministry and preparation for ministry. People can contribute via our website or by mailed check.

Our nonprofit entity will soon offer gifts for donating to The Fatima Project, and all donations are tax deductible!


We are looking for volunteers and members to join our group. There are no time commitments or qualifications necessary to become a member of The Fatima Project.

Candles Forming a Cross - Cash Donations

Contact us in Aberdeen, South Dakota, with your charitable cash donations.