A Lay Apostolate for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Rebuilding of the Family

Our Mission

The Fatima Project spreads the messages of Our Lady at Fatima and the Gospel, revives hope in families and individuals, assists them in reclaiming and reforming their families, and accompanies them in navigating an increasingly troubled world.

Our mission is funded through tax deductible donations and through sales of our gift shop products.

Works of the Apostolate

• We provide intensive, ongoing, one-on-one support and “life coaching” to help others implement the messages of Fatima into their daily life, answer questions about faith and family life and provide insight and direction.
    - We will be present to people through in-person meetings, calls, social media, skype and our website.

• We support the priestly ministry, especially in marriage preparation, RCIA follow-up and in outreach to non-practicing members
    - This takes place through appointments set up from priest referrals and other encounters.

• We provide printed literature and sacramentals that will encourage others in living and growing in their practice of the faith.

• We will distribute rosaries, Fatima prayer chaplets, Holy Cards, and scapulars as well as information on Fatima and the apostolate

• We will train volunteers and full-time missionaries to further the works of the apostolate, and act as representatives/contact persons within their parishes.

• We provide talks on Mary’s messages at Fatima, as well as how to live the faith, why live it, what will happen when you do, how to reclaim your marriage and family, and other pertinent Catholic topics. These will be available in person, as well as online.

• We maintain an informational website as well as an online gift shop.  These components will help to further educate and evangelize as well as provide a source to obtain sacramentals and religious items.
    - We will develop an online resource center containing education, videos and testimonies on relevant topics for today’s families.
    - Our website contains an interactive blog that is linked to numerous social media outlets.

• We attend conferences throughout the U.S. in order to spread the message of Fatima and directly engage conference goers.

• We will establish a local Fatima conference in our diocese to promote the family
    - Speakers will include priests as well as prominent Catholic speakers

The Apostolate

The Fatima Project is an evangelistic apostolate that seeks to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ as revealed by holy scripture, tradition, the teaching authority of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and through the approved messages given at Fatima by the Blessed Virgin Mary, while remaining obedient to the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is, at the heart, an individual and family ministry that seeks to engage Catholics in the New Evangelization, which is all about retelling the Catholic story to a world that has largely forgotten it. It’s about reminding, reintroducing, reinvigorating, and ultimately reviving a latent faith buried within.

The Fatima Project seeks to remind all Catholics of what they know deep in their bones: that life has purpose, meaning, direction, and hope; that God loves you; that the Church is on your side; that Jesus wants to give you life, and life to the fullest. Once those truths are re-encountered for the second, third, or thousandth time, then the faithful will find this new life.

Our mission is to spread the authentic message of Fatima by teaching individuals and families how to practically apply the requests of Our Lady of Fatima to their daily lives, thereby drawing them into a deeper union with Christ through the Virgin Mary and the sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Fatima has been called the "Gospel in miniature."  What Mary taught us at Fatima is what the Church has always taught.  Our Lady brings us a message from Our Lord and teaches us a simple way to   fulfill what He is asking of us.  As we  accept the sufferings and inconveniences that come to us  naturally, and offer these sacrifices for souls, we naturally become less self-focused and, therefore, grow in our ability to love and experience the love of others and God.  The result is a lasting joy in our dignity in belonging to Christ, peace with those around us, and union with our Lord Jesus Christ.  These selfless offerings form the foundation of families, marriages, and society.

Our History

The Fatima Project was born after years of making rosaries for Dakota Rosary Works.  Through the ministy of sharing the rosary, we were blessed by the faith of our customers, and enriched beyond description by the devotion of so many that shared their devotions and experiences with us. Our prior background in counseling, youth ministry, parish life, and phone time and conference time through Dakota Rosary Works has afforded us the opportunity to see and hear firsthand the issues plaguing our families, pastors, their staff, and the parishes as a whole. It is our sincerest hope that The Fatima Project can become a resource for families, individuals and local pastors, assisting them in their effort to bring about a revitalized community, firmly established in God, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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